• Breaking up bikes and selling them is how I first started out in the bike industry. It’s a great way to learn new skills and make a bit of cash and broaden your knowledge base.

    I did that for a few years, setting up a small home workshop in the spare room. I then found myself wanting to build wheels which ended up with me enrolling on a cycle mechanics course in Bristol at LifeCycle (a fantastic company and course btw).

    At the time I was working full time as a chef, something I had been doing since 16 years old. I was beyond done with that industry if I’m honest, it’s a mugs game if you want to earn good money. 70+ hours a week and 40 degree kitchens will take it’s toll on you eventually.

    I finally had a semi breakdown and told my boss I was going part time. A day or two later I spoke to a friend who told me Cardiff Cycle Couriers we’re looking for another rider and that was that. Then, about a week later having started with the couriers, one of the mechanics at my LBS quit and they were after a Saturday guy so I said yes to that too and before I knew it I had gone from 1 to 3 jobs in the space of a fortnight, and it genuinely changed my life.

    Two years later and I’m working full time at said LBS as head mechanic and own half the business and the future is bright.

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  • @cycleclinic Congrats. That sounds amazing. Looking to make a similar move to you guys at some point soon. Really inspirational and glad you guys derive some joy out of it.


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