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  • Is that a good starter/basic racing bike? - I think they are fairly low end/cheaply made. That said, there's not much to go wrong on a track bike so its unlikely to be horrendously bad.

    Does anyone know if you can drill the fork? I need to ride to the velodrome from London Fields. - I'd give this careful consideration. Nobody is riding to the Glasgow 'drome and taking the bike they rode there on, or any part of it, on the track. Even in the summer nobody is riding in and changing wheels etc. I think one guy did try it and he changed his wheels, chainring and chain and found it too much hassle. There is a guy rides over with an entire bike on his back, both wheels off and straps it all to his bag. Think he black bags it all first if its wet. He isn't coming very regularly.

    You probably need to factor in carrying:

    • Wheels - unless you want to spend more time cleaning the tyres you just rode through dogshit/glass/grit/fuck knows what than you do riding the track.
    • A change of shoes - riding a track bike which you won't fit guards on at this time of year your feet will get wet. This isn't a comfort issue but rather the coaches and management won't want your manky wet shoes dirtying up the track.
    • Cloths/baby wipes - to clean your bike so it's not dropping road crud all over the track/infield. And if it was in Glasgow you'd be doing that cleaning outside so that you weren't making the infield all dirty.
    • Chainrings/sprockets and possibly a chain - no matter how hard you think you are you won't be riding a useful track gear on the road. Chain might be required due to length and also cleanliness.

  • I have a mate who rides his 98" from Sutton to HHV. Good strength training...

    Or a good way to wreck your knees! Nah fair play if he manages to ride 98" on the street, definitely not something I'd want to be doing.


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