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  • There is such a strange approach to this bridge filtering.

    Cyclists dismount signs on the North approach heading south since they've narrowed the road (seemingly to leave space for some bridge repair vehicles to park)

    H&F Person in hi viz these to ensure walkers and joggers don't go on the road but stick to the narrow pavements.

    So many cones everywhere. Another approach, some planters a few benches, would be so much more civilised

  • You do see far fewer mopeds head over the bridge since you have to dismount.

    Did see one moped rider take the brave steps and shook my head at him (very British), and he told me to ‘fuck off you twat’ (also very British), which was nice.

    It has made me want to practice Cx dismounts and mounts away from prying eyes to avoid stacking it in front of people.


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