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  • Little bit of progress and a quick dry-buildup to see how everything's looking.
    Fluted seatpost cleaned up nicely, painted in the flutes in yellow then knocked back with wire wool.
    All the rest is Campag but couldn't resist fitting the Stronglight chainset. Have had to fit the Stronglight headset that came with the bike - has the wrong top nut, if anyone has one? - as the Victory one won't fit over the fork bottom shim thing (but might look into that) plus there's such a short steerer tube it might even be too tall.
    Tubular's were a doddle (hope they stay on and I don't die.)
    Brakes, brakes... going to have to go down the Weinmann route I suspect, welcome any suggestions :)

  • I’ve got an old Campag Mirage headset you can have for a fiver if you want? It could do with a bit of tlc but you could maybe use it for spares etc if needed


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