• Right, have a Campag Victory/Triomphe rear mech and when I screw it into the hanger it seats fine, but there's a rather delicate part of the casting that sits against the dropout bit (and stops the mech dropping down.)
    Question is, there's no adjuster screw type adjuster thing (as I'd ordinarily encounter of a r/m) on the mech and I'm assuming the chain tension will do that job... but is that normal? Will it work?
    When I hold the mech up, that bit of casting will hit the 'top' of the hanger but this all seems not engineered and bound to fail.
    Have I / missed something / don't have an important Campag mech part / need an important Campag mech part that will cost more that an entire groupset to source / entirely lost the plot and need a buy a new biek?
    Thank you.
    Have two pictures now

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