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  • Yes that is a completely stupid design IMO as it is "destructive" but it is like it is.
    Hmm interesting idea, post is 26.0 so maybe with a 25.4 seatpost, that leaves room for a shim of 0.3mm thickness.
    Maybe even a stem shim (as 25.4 to 26 is quite common for stem/bars) could work to reinforce? Since the shim is already split in two parts that plays the role of the relief panel maybe?

    Obviously having the frame modified would be much neater and much more robust (despite the paint destroy), I would prefer that, but I can't see how the framebuilder could slot the seattube and add a thread clamp thing considering the low amount of seat tube protruding of the top tube, Or maybe by adding a sleeve within that protrude higher and then do the slot/clamp thing?

  • You could put the punch bolt below the toptube. There were some bmx frames (and probably road and mountain frames too) like this.

    I’ll see if I can find a pic.


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