• I've been expecting a large scale pandemic for a few years now.
    When H1N1 was tipped to be pretty bad (09? I think) I was working at an NHS hospital, we had some pretty serious contingency planning including backup storage incase the morgue was over capacity, off site working for all that didn't need to be on site, volunteer lists for alternative roles that you are be able to do.

    Was pretty full on and worrying, thankfully it was less severe than feared.
    But it's always worried me that a major pandemic is probable.

  • I was involved in the pandemic planning for Swine flu for an NHS region.

    Doesn't take much of an increase to natural death rates to have to buy the coroner a new JCB.

    Swine flu wasn't so much tipped to be pretty bad, as transmittable enough to be taken super seriously. You don't know the potential mortality rate or if it'll mutate until the pandemic is actually happening really.

  • I did hear a story that in 09 a Director of Public Health was asking that their PCT but a JCB to build mass graves. Is this the same rumour..


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