• Selling my MASH Bolt.

    It's an XXL or 64cm seat tube CTT, 59.5 cm top tube CTC.

    Geo chart is here. And here's the blurb:

    Bolt: the legendary track frameset and first of the historic collaboration between Cinelli and Mash. Now available in a new updated version. The same angles and geometries of the Histogram but updated with road elements: 27,2 seat tube and dual bottle cage fasteners. Made for those that demand unparalleled responsiveness in the saddle and require lightning fast change of direction in the urban landscape.
    The 27.2 diameter tapered seat tube allows for endurance riding while maintaining the twitchy explosive of the bicycle. 1.5" tapered fork allows for precise riding and control in the sprint.

    So endurance. Much fixie. WOW. I rode my first fixed 300km on it and can confirm that everything above is true. I've done quite a few miles on this but it's been well looked after; never crashed, always kept inside, etc. There's the odd blemish here and there which I've photographed. No cracks or dents

    2 bottle cage mounts, can easily fit a 28c in the rear. The front *technically*fits a 28c but will clog up on anything other than the driest of Californian roads.

    Included is the original seatpost collar (never used) and headset/topcap. Headset bearings are alright, little gritty but not terrible. (BB NOT INCLUDED)

    I'm based in Edinburgh but happy to split postage costs if it needs posting.


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