• The best non-Brooklyn BMW money can buy. Ultra practical, fairly light, I've had two pompinos and loved them endlessly. Only selling as we need the space and I have a Surly so this doesn't get the love it used to.

    The lacquer has peeled in some spots so there is some surface rust, but the bike is of course structurally sound. It's seen a lot of use but always been maintained and kept indoors almost all the time (it was in storage for about 8 months). A lovely beater and if you decided to re-do the paint and jazz it up, would also be superb. Has the capacity to fill any SS/fixed niche, braked or brakeless.

    The handlebars are the only thing I'd replace, and that's purely aesthetic (apart from the lack of bar ends...!) - they were a cheap and cheerful stopgap. I have some GT flat bars i can throw in for free - think you might need a different stem though.

    Currently on the SS freewheel but also has a fixed cog on the other side. Apologies for the blurriness of the pictures, my husband took them.

    £275 and I'll donate £20 to the forum- either ride it away in Watford, or I can get the train to meet you in Euston. Bank transfer is king, cash prince regent. You can pay by paypal but only without fees.

  • I would be interested in frame/fork if you would split possibly full bike but not at this price as mentioned above!


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