• Some pedals up fro sale.


    1.Time Atac ROC
    -great cosmetic condition, holds cleats well, springs a bit loose and rattle a little (possible fix? not sure)
    -£15 - SOLD

    2.Vintage Time Atac
    -very used, quite battered, springs very used, but no noise or rattling, easy to unclip so would not recommend for brakeless or fixed, but good for casual commute
    -£10 - SOLD

    3.Time Atac Alium
    -quite ratty and one of the pedals is missing a dust cover caps, if you have spare one, they ready for use

    • you need the side cap (dust cap) to use the pedal otherwise the spindle slides out from the pedal without it

    4.MKS Promenade
    -champagne gold colour
    -great condition, spins smoothly
    -£25-£23 - £21

    5.Vintage Time Atac (Left pedal only)
    -Left pedal only, non drive side
    -great condition and perfectly usable
    -get it for spare parts of you might need just left pedal?
    -£8-£7 - £6

    Located in London - Bethnal Green.

    Can post.

    Thank you.

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