• Haven't posted here in quite some time, but have the urge now.

    My current commute takes me down Vauxhall Walk - which is one way for motor traffic, but two ways for bikes, with a line of parked cars along one side. There are give way points which the cars never fucking use, expecting oncoming cyclists to be bullied onto the pavement because "it's just common sense, innit?"

    Problem is, I'm a stubborn arse and won't be bullied onto the pavement as a point of principle. What tends to happen is the oncoming driver sees me, ignores me, proceeds past the give way point and we end up nose to nose around here

    I usually stand my ground for a bit to be purposefully inconvenient and then eventually roll my eyes and give up - which is what happened this morning even though we were at a point on the street with no parked cars where there was actually space to go round me.

    This morning's absolute delight of a human being told me he was driving "very respectfully" (perhaps because he didn't run me over?) and that I "wasn't being respectful to drivers" by using the pavement. Hmm...

    Am I The Asshole..?

  • Exact same issue, the only way I had success is driving right by the parking cars, providing there's no opposite bike traffic. Loads of dangerous speeding there too in the evenings...

  • I find the issue with a lot of those contraflow routes is drivers don't realise they're two way for cyclists and think it's some cyclist going the wrong way and won't give way as a point of principle.

  • All the fucking time in the Chilterns. Drivers will never slow and use the passing spot, they just carry on and then you're forced to squeeze past their wing mirrors. Dickheads.


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