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  • @skinny is right, Pro Team Jacket / soft shell does those things. Altho you need to be putting a bit of effort in to stay warm, it's not for pootling about. Then get a rain jacket for when it's pissing down

  • Interesting thanks all, I'll check it out. I do have a Rapha winter jersey that does an ok job of holding off light rain but found I overheat in it unless its under 5 degrees, would be interesting see how the Pro Team compares.

    Honestly I never had any issues with my Gabba, these things are down to personal taste, though like most stuff the water resistance gets worse over time, even with reproofing. Also would like something a bit more visible than a blacked out one.

    The new Sportful Fiandre Pro Polartec kit also looks like a potential...

  • It wont be much better, you'll overheat in anything over 8 ish degrees.

    Maybe get a fleece material if you want a wider temperature range.

    Or just get a gabba! If it ain't broke.


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