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  • Thanks I'll give that a look, though doesn't mention anything about water resistance. Assume it has at least a dwr coating. Endura's line up is slightly confusing , the Pro SL Shell II has a much higher waterproof and breathability rating than the 'waterproof softshell' I was originally looking at, which if it is really a hardshell with less breathability and waterproofing than the other Pro SL Shell II, seems a pointless addition.

  • It's not water proof. Nor does it have DWR. Gabba is not waterproof, it's just neoprene.

    That endura will.keep you warm and if its spitting, dry. These days I dont try and get everything in one jacket. Get ome that will keep you warm, and other that will keep you dry. Otherwise you'll be warm and sweaty, and then cold.

    The Pro SL Shell II is a thin waterproof jacket. It will not keep you warm, but it will keep you dry.

    What do you want your jacket to do?


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