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  • Are you doing the Crackpot as part of the Wessex SR?

    It's on my audax bucket list, sadly (or maybe thankfully) the calendar event clashes with something else for me this year.

  • I've decided against Crackpot. For the lands end ride I don't need to take any additional time off or pay for hotels, as I'll be home when I finish.

    Also frankly, finishing the Wessex SR will be a massive achievement for me, and I don't know if I'll get round that, so entering Crackpot before that feels a bit risky.

  • Yep fair enough. I'm looking forward to the Lands End one for the same reason.

    The Andy Corless LEJOG was tempting but cba getting back from John o Groats, not least because the easiest way home seems to be flying from Inverness.


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