• 1) yes
    2) yes
    3) no, either backpack or pockets, depending on quantity and size of things I need to carry.
    4) discomfort due to weight and sweaty back when it's hot.
    5) looks, expense and functionality
    6) GPS tracker and waterproofness would be handy.
    7) it depends on the bike, if it was an already relatively heavy commuter bike, more space to carry more stuff would be useful. If it was a bike that was intended to be faster, a smaller, lighter compartment would be more useful.
    8) plain black would be ideal so that it was more discrete and didn't detract from the aesthetics of the bike.
    9) waterproofness and the ability to lock it if it's not removable.
    10) detachable

    Sounds like an interesting idea for a project. Good luck! When you describe the idea as a storage compartment, what makes it different to existing products like frame bags or panniers? It's probably worth looking into existing products and deciding what your product can improve on.


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