• Oxford Safer School police officer tells his followers a plastic hat definitely saved his mate's life, offers his "no helmet no bike" rule:

    People ask if the police should be educating in schools.

    This week I witnessed a colleague deliver a road safety assembly to
    100+ y8 students.

    She shared appropriate pics of injuries and damage to her bike &
    helmet (which saved her life) and they were transfixed

    No helmet, no bike is a rule to live by. And not just for children
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    That's an official police account, he's in uniform.

  • It's a shame to see in the replies that the 'avid cyclist' daughter of somebody has been banned from cycling to school by their parent because they don't want to wear a helmet.

  • From the sounds of it another, different copper is showing schoolchildren a damaged helmet and telling the kids it saved her life. And accuracy is vital, PC Massie says.


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