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  • After a couple of years random posting I am starting a thread to bring together my bike build projects.

    I am an NHS hospital doctor but have been off work for over a year dealing with a serious illness. I have found, like many others, that bikes and bike building have been a great help / distraction.

    I have been into cycling and tinkering with bikes since my teens but in the last few years have become much more interested in building and looking after them myself, rather than paying someone else to do it for me!

    Having grown up in the 80s and 90s I have always thought this the golden age for bikes and cycling style. I am sure others will disagree! Despite the rampant doping at the time, it saw the pinnacle of steel frame building (and eye-wateringly colourful styling), and I don't think bikes or cyclists have ever looked better before or since. This, and the pleasure of riding a really good steel bike, have led to my interest in rebuilding frames from that era. I have developed a particular taste for the neo-retro / resto-mod / MGOOF style - I love old frames but I also prefer the function, and often the form too, of modern groupsets in terms of performance, safety and ease of maintenance.

    So, I started building bikes first for myself and then for friends and family. I know most forum users are easily capable of this sort of thing, but if anyone on here does need any help with a build of this kind, please give me a shout!

    I will post pictures of my previous builds (in chronological order) first and will then keep updating with my current projects as I finish them.


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