• Hi Chris good luck with your project, don't screw it up as bad as I did back in the day.

    1. Yes, although not permanently, being able to remove the storage easily is important, so no one use zip ties or the like.

    2. Yes, for example when out on a long ride I often have my wallet in my bar bag so that it's not in my pocket and there's no risk of it falling out if I pull something else out the pocket.

    3. When out on a proper road ride I'll have a small under saddle bag for spare tube, multi tool and tyre levers and often also a small handlebar bag with food, wallet, raincoat and anything else. Phone goes in my pocket. I keep the saddle bag packed and it goes in my rucksack for when I'm commuting to work because I need to carry other stuff too like spare clothes and headphones.

    4. For a saddle bag security is really important, not only does it definitely need to not open by itself and dump it's contents (has happened to me) but it also needs to stay attached to the saddle and not fall off if you hit some rough road (has also happened to me). For the handlebar bag as it's bigger it's got to be stable and not swing around. When it comes to using a rucksack discomfort is the biggest problem, especially if you have to carry a bike lock, laptop etc. it gets heavy very quickly.

    5. The most important factors are probably what I mentioned previously: how well it attaches to the frame, how well it closes and stays closed, ease of taking it on and off the bike.

    6. Additional features, outside attachments for lights are always useful and inside compartments for keeping your phone/wallet separate from a tool that could damage it.

    7. It's definitely a balance, it's got to be big enough to store as much as you need but no bigger. It depends on where on the bike it's intended to go and what it's intended to store. Generally I'd urr on the smaller side.

    8. Black, maybe with a reflective bit, and as small as possible.

    9. It depends on what it's intended to store, it's better to have a bag that holds one or two things really well than something that's too large and goes partly unused.

    10. Always detachable, not just for taking it off to clean the bike but also if you want to lock the bike up to go to a shop or something.


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