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    So the deal is that I'm helping my boss to sell a bunch of bikes. This may look a bit dodgy but it's not so I'm happy to answer any questions if you have any..

    These have been bought to use on cycling trips with a specific client, but they won't be needed next season. We've had these just over a year and they've not been used that much tbh. All of them have been serviced since last use and all wearing parts are in good nick. However being secondhand bikes there might be some small bits of chipped paint or such minor faults - nothing that would affect the use or safety of bike.

    Apologies for the slightly terrible warehouse pics! I visit the warehouse about once a week so if there's any details that you'd like a pic of let me know.

    I'm not splitting and also not posting either, sorry.
    Bikes are currently in Godstone but I can bring one at the time to London, or some of the train stations between the two.

    56 cm Tarmac SL 5 Comp, Torch edition. Fully Ultegra. SOLD

    56 cm AND 61cm Tarmac Elite, Red, parts 105. £750.


    Pic is of the 61cm, I try to get the other picture working too but it's not showing up..

    56 cm Tarmac SL 4, Black. Mostly Ultegra. £800

    My documents say this is Tarmac SL4 Elite but I can't find this exact colour match on Specialized page/bike archive.. So there's a chance it's another variation of Tarmac. Otherwise full Ultegra 6800 but chainset is Praxis works.

    Just for clarity, if anyone has bumped into very similar looking bikes in eBay, that's also me posting them them. I reached the monthly selling limit there so these are the ones not yet listed. In total there's been 18 bikes to begin with, now down to eight.


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