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  • I'm tentatively into these. I'm an advocate for anything that gets people moving without the use of a car (even though I am a petrolhead). Happy to share my bike lanes and ASLs with them. Yes they're nerdy but have you seen the wankers in lycra heading out to the country every weekend! If you're in a town/city with a decent network of bike lanes I can definitely see myself hopping on one of these instead of getting the bike out, the bike lock, shoes etc for small trips.

    Plus they look fun, if anyone here's a motorbike or petrol scooterhead you'll know that there's nothing like that feeling of twisting a handlebar and shooting off with nothing but a chunk of metal and an engine between your legs, not even a bike can match that.

  • yes, getting people out of cars is good, it's the 'last mile' bit that i object to.
    how about people walk the last fucking mile?

  • ... and I'm sure you've noticed this, but it's always worth re-stating that they're illegal to use except on private land, so unless you have the shops across your garden ...

  • If you were unfortunate enough to live in Stevenage, an electric scooter would be a great way to get around.

    I think they are currently way too fast and need to be brought under some kind of regulation similar to e assist bikes.

    I don't understand the people in this thread pushing walking over scooter use. A 3 mile walk to work is time consuming and a scooter cuts that dramatically.