• Hi everyone
    I am a 15 year old Croydon GCSE student and am currently working on a Design and Technology project to design and make a bike storage compartment.
    I would really appreciate it if you could reply to this short questionnaire, it would really help my project.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    1. Would it be useful to have a puncture repair kit permanently stored on your bicycle?
    2. Would it be useful to have some additional storage space on your bicycle to store other essential items (wallet, keys etc.)?
    3. Do you currently have a storage area on your bicycle? If you don't how do you carry essential items? Rucksack, pockets etc.
    4. What is the most annoying thing about carrying items when cycling? Discomfort, security etc.
    5. What are the most important factors to you when considering a bicycle storage compartment? Balance, weight, stability, expense etc.
    6. What additional features would be useful to you for the storage compartment to include? Lighting, GPS tracker, pedometer etc.
    7. Would you prefer a larger storage compartment for more storage space or a smaller one for less weight?
    8. Have you any preferences about colour or shape of the storage area?
    9. Are there any other features you can think of that would make it more useful and practical for you?
    10. Should it be permanently attached to the bike or detachable?

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Chris, some quick answers below

    1. Not really, since a puncture repair kit needs a pump to go with it and I'd want to take them off when the bike is parked.
    2. Additional to what? I can fit everything I need in a pannier or saddlebag, so there's no particular need for an additional compartment.
    3. Pannier, Carradice saddlebag, mini under-seat pack, pockets, very occasionally a rucksack, I also have a water-bottle style box that can fit in a bottle cage.
    4. Weight, leading to sluggish bike.
    5. Firm connection to bike and keeping stuff in, waterproofing, robustness.
    6. Reflectivity, places to attach lights, additional internal compartments (if it's large) in order to separate out smaller/fragile/flat items.
    7. I'd err on the side of larger, but it's difficult to know as I use different storage for commuting and shopping (panniers), fun fixed rides (Carradice) , and longer training rides (mini under-seat pack)
    8. Black, red or blue (+ reflectives)
    9. See question 6
    10. Detachable

    Best of luck with your project. It's a tough brief as there are lots of different solutions for carrying things on a bike and "additional" storage would need to fulfil a particular need, like long-distance riders wanting energy food in a top-tube bag.


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