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  • @DTD Apologies if this isn't useful, but there's a DF4 in Clydebank for sale on Gumtree that looks the same size, and a dodgy-looking listing; different name to contact in the description, cheap wheelset and only 1 photo.

    All the parts are different to those you described, but thought it worth mentioning..

  • Thanks for pointing this out to me.
    This is indeed a very very very strange listing. Especially the bit where he says "Other bikes for sale Track, touring, winter bike etc ".

    I've had a very close look and i don't think it's my bike. The frame might just be rebuilt with other bits, but it's unlikely.

    I've messaged them anyway asking for a couple of pictures and more details. So will see what's what.

    Thanks again for pointing it out.


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