• Yeah I've had zero cause for complaint with these wheels. Although mine have hope hubs which I picked up on a great deal from CRC.

    The ranger 2.25" tyres are OK. Mainly used them in drier conditions though TBH. Although weirdly they don't seem quite as fast rolling as the 3" version I have on my hardtail mtb (which I generally run at much lower pressures).

  • £140 isn't bad for a tubless wide wheel with a quick conversion from 15mm to 12mm axles.

    The 3.0 is a different shape and pattern than the 2.25 isn't it? it look like it got a high stack on the side in comparison to the 3.0

  • They look a bargain at £140.

    The type of tread is very similar on the 2.25 and the 3.0 versions, but the 3.0 has an extra row of knobbles. Yeah maybe the shape of the tyre is different which has an impact on its rolling resistance. But I suspect its more that sub consciously I'm expecting a drop bar bike to feel a lot faster than an mtb but in reality they're quite similar so my perception is that the mtb tyre is quicker? Does that make any sorta sense?!

  • I'm happy with Rangers (29x2.25), they roll surprisingly well on tarmac and have enough grip off road for the bike they're on.


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