• What's the worst that could happen?

    I'd definitely join the wobbling on an e-bike, they are great. Won't buy one till they're less expensive and more reliable though.

    Yes! Wobblers aren't smart enough to hire e-mtbs. They'll just buy them, break them, then leave them in the shed.

  • E-armageddon. ;-)

    I edited my post before you replied coz I was doing jks. E-bikes are great, but if you ride off-road in typical British conditions a lot they're not reliable yet. A few of my mates have e-MTBs and they all have the same story: repeated breakdowns, three replacement warranty batteries and motors within a two year warranty period.
    Then when you're out of warranty such replacements cost up to £800-£1000.

    I'm going to wait till they're more reliable and cheaper. Renting them is a good way to go, however.


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