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  • For Sale

    £300 60cm Dolan Pre Cursa
    £200 XL (57.5cm) Boardman Road Comp
    £100 Wahoo Element Bolt

    Dolan is in very good condition, has Omniums, Ellipse wheels, Selle Italia saddle, 105 front brake, Cannondale carbon road fork, new bars & tape + more

    Boardman is in pretty good condition. As stock but has an almost new set of Shimano R501 wheelset (<100 miles). Cassette and chainrings have a bit of life left but would benefit from being replaced at some point. I have a spare cassette I can include.

    Wahoo is in perfect working order. Rubber buttons on the side have come a little loose but still function fine. Could buy a silicone cover for a quid off eBay and it would sort this out

    All located in M16, let me know if you have any questions

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