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  • I thought it worth sharing this little upgrade to my zipped roll, which I use a lot as a handlebar bag and it works very well. The only annoying thing is that the poppers are hard to snap shut while riding. I’m often dipping in for something while on the move, and if I can’t snap the top shut then the flap blows back on to the bars at the insane speeds I ride.

    Anyway, tl;dr I drilled out the snaps and replaced with magnetic clasps that require no tools to install. You can buy them from MacCulloch & Wallis on Poland Street for 84p a pop.

    I use this bag regularly as bar or saddle bag and rate it.

  • Looking good! This is the one thing I don’t like about the Zipped roll, otherwise perfect size for shorter day rides/an extra layer.

    How do the clasps first? Look like they just snap in/affixed with metal pins that get bent out?


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