• Please help me fund my cycle tour by buying my surplus parts. Prices include postage from Bristol - I will obviously reduce the price accordingly if you can collect locally.

    Apologies for the bad quality photos, I only have an old iphone camera to hand.

    My wares:

    1) A lightly used Shimano XT 32h dynamo centrelock wheel with a set of brand new set of busch and muller lights. £95 posted.

    2) Specialized Pizza Rack - brand new, unused and boxed. I am an idiot and accidentally bought two. £45 posted.

    3) Avid Shorty Ultimate brakeset. I have managed to lose the cable hangers for these and they definitely need new pads but otherwise they are in good nick. £65 posted.

    4) Salsa Cowbell 3 40cm flared drops. I bought these second hand without appreciating that flared drops need to be wider than standard drops. I have never used these but they appear to be in good nick. £30 posted.

    5) Chris King headset black 1 1/8 - I have used this on a number of different bikes and it has always been great. I am only getting rid as I have a black king with black etching now. On inspection, the top bearing is less smooth than the bottom one but fitted it is absolutely fine. There are various marks and scuffs on the cups but nothing too major. £45 posted. SOLD

    6) Chris King headset silver 1 1/8 - This is in a bit of a state and the price reflects this. The bottom cup has a deep cable rub, the top cap works but it has clearly been pried by a previous owner (I would replace) and no crown race is included. Surprisingly, the bearings feel pretty nice. £30 posted. SOLD

    7) Microshift 2x9 drop bar shifters for Shimano - I really like these as they have a button rather than a paddle for downshift. Worked flawlessly when last used in the summer. £30 posted.

    8) Sunrace 9 speed cassette 11-40t - I used this for maybe 100 miles on my Salsa with an old long cage XTR mech. It was a bit difficult to get set up but it worked. Really decent condition. £12 posted.

    9) Holdsworth Stem 1 1/8th 31.8mm - I need to double check the length of this but I'm pretty sure it is 60mm. This is in good condition as it lived on my ex's bike that she never used. £10 posted.

    Let me know if you want any more info or require more photos.

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