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  • massive dredge but does anyone have any experience of coming back to cycling from long-term illness? if anyone knows of good training plans etc that would be appropriate would be grateful to know.

    I think my system is finally getting resilient enough to start doing longer rides again, as much as I am slightly dreading being a slow, red faced slug for the first few months I'm keen to get back to being able to doing long distance rides and touring for the summer.

    the most I've done in the last few years are flat sub 50k rides that even then saw me set back, so outside that I've just commuted or pootled when I felt able to, but really not much. Though I suppose a good thing is that the medication i've been taking has made eating really difficult so I'm not a feeling flabby.

    So, I'll really be starting from the lowest level of fitness I've ever had and building up very conservatively with a view to just being healthy rather than trying to be a mountain goat.


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