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  • Attlee could also be labelled similar in many ways...The answer to this whole catastrophe is Brexit.

    The stats I've read suggest that Corbyn was the biggest problem for voters, followed by Labour's reputation on the economy, followed by Brexit a distant third. I'm sure over the next few days the picture will be raked over endlessly.

    EDIT: I see H2O got there before me

  • Labour's reputation on the economy

    This reasoning is even more fucked than the Brexit / Corbyn reasoning.

    Turkeys & Christmas through & through.

  • This reasoning is even more fucked than the Brexit / Corbyn reasoning.

    Depends. I think the idea of blaming Labour for the global financial crash - which many Tories still do - is cynical and absurd.

    But I also recognise that there were quite a few things on the Labour manifesto which were straight up ridiculous. I say this as someone who's voted Labour in every election I've been able to, I'm a Labour member, and I fight for my MP to anyone who'll listen. But I also have eyes. That free broadband policy was economically illiterate, and it wasn't alone. That manifesto was a wishlist - it hsould've been shorter and it should've been focussed on things people actually wanted, not just on headlines. And it should only have been pushed once a relationship of trust was established with the electorate. It wasn't and the whole thing felt like a slimy salesman telling you you could have everything you wanted for free.


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