• I then decided I couldn't be arsed swapping the router base on and off the table so was going to buy another. Then I read that these cheap trim router fit the Makita bases so bought one of those for less than £20 so I could still use it as a trim router without dismantling the table. Has actually improved the thing no end. Much smoother adjustment and feels a lot smoother to move around on the better base.

    Next step is to route grooves for the T tracks in the background which will hopefully allow me to set up a fence, sled, jigs or even just use finger clamps to hold a straight edge.

    I also need a quick and easy way to secure it to the workmate. But I have a few ideas for that.

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  • nice idea! i've been friggins around with ghetto router tables for ages. when i move house in the new year i'm gonna sort out a mini one combining a few ideas i've seen on YT


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