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  • Idle curiosity time.

    About 2 years back i had a chop at 10 mile Time Trial. Hit my target of a sub 30min 10miler.

    First run bike was 10.3kg
    Second run bike was 8.9kg
    28mm tyres and 42x16 SS gearing.

    I reckoned i could drop to 8.5kg with new stem and brake levers, maybe less with a ruthless approach to trimming everything down and ultra light tubes/tyres.
    If i get a new front wheel from the road side of things i can drop under 8kg.
    Beyond that it gets spendy. New wheels/tyres maybe calipers, carbon fork etc etc, chase all the grams and 7kg ?

    I know if you want light weight don't get a Surly :)

    Mine must be around the 11kg mark right now as has saddle pack/mudguards/pump/bottle cage and 16t freewheel and 15t fixed sprocket attached.
    Come spring mines going on a diet for summer.

    Anyone wanna share estimated or real weight of your Rollers ? :)

  • Weight isn't going to gain you much time I think. Cheapest gains are in training! Then you could try making a DIY rear wheel cover? And/or aero extensions.


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