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  • It’s pretty clear now that tactical voting is going to play a huge part in what happens on Thursday, I really hope there is enough coherent information about who to vote for in the marginals for this to be effective.

  • takes a couple of seconds to look on wikipedia at the 2017 result in your constituency- that’s the only guide to tactical voting people really need. GBP is not dumb though - they know how to vote in a UK GE. big effort this week from LAB to squeeze as much more out of LDs and SNP as they can, while canvassing LAB leave voters in north/midlands and connecting the party of boris johnson to margaret thatcher

    wonder if LAB may go for a GOTV hail mary in the last week and announce cancellation of student debt. youth vote will be crucial

    whatever happened to the carrie symonds tape too ? BJ struggles with women & this could destabilise his campaign in the home stretch


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