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  • Absolutely - they've been there for ages as well.

    To be honest we I was expecting some push back but wanted to make sure that we weren't being awful buyers - are trying to conduct ourselves in good faith, and had gone out of our way to obtain 'fair' quotes for everything - often getting independent reports at our expense, as opposed to people who were quoting to do the work.

  • Was there any prior negotiations before the agreed price? That can affect responses to further price reduction requests.

    Would you feel hard done by if you accept £newasking? If so, was there anything removable in the house you wanted? Then OK we can pay that but we’d insist the thing/s are agreed as part of the sale might yield something.

    Or go back with the figure you are happy with and say £figure - waiting to go, it’s a fair price, we can complete on date then hold on to your hats.


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