• cyclocross - 35mm. As i say, i was mainly on roads. It was a mistake - go bigger!

  • That for sure, I am mostly wondering whether to go for a gravel bike with capacity of say 2.0 with mudguards / 2.1-2.2 without, or rigid MTB with 2.2 mudguards / 2.4 no mudguards clearances, and if it's better to go as wide as possible (leaving some tolerance for mud) or a bit narrower but with fenders.

  • Sounds amazing. Ryan Wilson had multiple articles on the Radavist with his South America trips. Mostly off road. Looks amazing. He was on a full rigid Mtb.

  • It really depends on the route.

    Even the Carrettera Austral has some bits on thick loose gravel that require 2" for comfort riding. If you go in the open flats of the Ruta 40 or even the big plateus of Bolivia and the coast of Peru then expect a lot of wind, for which I'd rather have a wide drop bar with a good flare.

    If you then follow some of the routes that Ryan Wilson or Alee Denham then I'd bring a MTB rig with 2.4"-2.6".

    The best thing is not to overthink it, you will manage it and have an awesome time regardless of what gear you go with. Just make sure it's reliable.


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