• For bikepacking throughout South America (Colombia to Patagonia is the general idea, aiming mostly for dirt roads, but probably also some pavement, maybe later turn back towards Brazil), would you consider a drop bar bike like Kona Sutra or a flat bar (Longitude, Big Bro etc) a better idea? All my bikes for the past 5 years have been CX/gravel, no real experience with other types of handlebars/bikes.

  • I'd say whichever you find comfiest, but you'll make either work. I'd guess you'd inevitably end up doing quite a few stretches on pavement..

    I did patagonia on drops and was fine, but i didn't put loads of thought into my setup, and i was predominantly on (bad) roads.

    Sounds like an epic trip, enjoy.

  • I plan it in more than a year, so still a lot of time to consider my options.
    What wheels did you run (size, tyre width, touring/MTB tyre?)


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