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  • Right - next week. Wednesday 11th. I'm way out west now so not going to venture too far north. Somewhere south of central and not east. Anyone got a good suggestion for venue?

    1 - Ru (either date)
    2- cliveo (11th only)
    3 - chalfie (either -both will take a monumental amount of planning. Thursdays are easier)
    4 - jonny (either date at this point)
    5 - andyp (either date)
    6 - sheriff Blackfoot (would prefer 10th as spurs may have a do or die game vs Bayern on the 11th)
    7 - ramsaye (please send vconf details)
    8 - dst (might come, might not)
    9 - Clever Pun (love a list)
    10 - middleofnowhere (would prefer Wednesday in a pub with no WiFi)

  • hope this happens and I can spin by. Move house next day so might be tricky. But call a pub fellas. And let’s see what happens


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