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  • Going through your list:

    1. You.
    2. Pro.
    3. You
    4. Pro, your buildings insurance would be voided if something went wrong and they found out. Plus you don't want to risk your/your families lives.
    5. Board it out yourself and then get a spread in to do the skim.
    6. You fit the cabinets then get a pro to fit worktop.
    7. Lots of bits you can easily do yourself.
    8. You.

    I'm happy to give you advice on pretty much anything. Depending on where the flat is I may even be able to recommend people to you.

    The order will depend on your priorities sit down and make a list of what needs doing in what order, if you are buying with a significant other do it separately then compare notes and form a joint strategy. Assuming that as you say cash is in short supply you will be living there when work is ongoing I would therefore strongly advise doing one room at a time and try to do it so you do one big job room, say kitchen or bathroom, then one room that requires less work i.e lick of paint in the hallway or a bedroom. This way you will feel you are making progress quicker than you would if you doing the big jobs one after the other. Obviously splitting into rooms goes out the window if you have to take on house wide work like re-wiring.

    Good luck and I hope you get it.

  • Thank you! Sort of the confidence boost / reality check I needed. The list recommendation was a good idea - fortunately we agreed.

    Low ball offer has been accepted, pending Surveyor telling us we are out of our minds, I will be in need of recommendations for Bromley area trades-folk.


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