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  • Apropos of dehumidifier chat:

    Just ripped our broken washing machine out and the walls are fucking black behind it. Best mould tips?

    There was a leak on the pipe which I've now repaired.

    My thoughts are bleach the fuck out of the walls, stick all the dehumidifiers in the world in there and wait til it's warmer to see if I need to gut the room and start again.

    It's a small utility room at the coldest end of the house, there is a window, walls on one end are very thin - presume some kind of cavity which is odd and unlike the rest of the house (1900 terrace). Wall on the window side is solid brick and looks out onto an alley. Immediately behind the wall in the alley there is a stack of timber covered with a tarp (which I acknowledge I should probably move). It's pretty perpetually damp and wet out there as a result.

    I've installed our new washing machine and will leave plenty of space around it for circulation (had to take the door off to fit the bastard in the room - rehanging door after a coffee and mince pie).

  • T tree oil diluted in water is the best thing I've found. Put it in a spray bottle hose the black shit down and scrub.

    This article is good.


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