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  • Just ordered another one of those Harley Benton isolated power plant Jrs. Outrageous value.

    Was just deciding what to put on the board to take out to first rehearsal session with the new amp and was taking off the reverb and tremolo because i have them in the amp now... but the amp tremolo seems not to be working. Was fine last week but just nothing. Could be the switch? Not sure.

    Anyway, put the T-Rex Tremster back on for now. This is going to sound totally sacrilegious but... I think I prefer it to amp tremolo anyway. *cringes

    Obviously, Fender tube amp spring reverb is a thing of rare beauty but although the tremolo in these Silverfaces is good... honestly, I think a good pedal can sound as good or better. Anyway, at least i'm not too bummed about the trem packing up for now. I'll look into it soon enough.


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