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  • I think that is jumping to a conclusion - is there any evidence this was caused (in whole or part) by austerity?

    I'd like to know what happened in the 8 years Usman Khan was in jail. The UK prison system tends to warehouse people and do very little to have a reasonable expectation their behaviour will be different at the end. Reoffending rates remain far too high and I don't recall politicians treating it as a high priority. There is a fair bit of evidence that conditions in prisons have deteriorated in the last decade or so which I think is likely to lead to disaffected and angry people still being that way when released (at whatever point of their sentence).

    I'm a hand wringing lefty liberal that thinks that when you have an angry 18 year old with mostly fanatical plots with his mates banging him up for a decade is just going to piss him off some more. Seems to have happened here. We probably needed to be doing more to integrate him into society when he was 13.

    I believe it's things like decent prospects and family ties that prevent attacks, not police or the threat of punishments. The relative success in Scotland in tackling knife crime has a lot to teach the rest of the UK IMHO.

    Hmmm, I think I'm rambling. I don't have the answers but I don't think 'bang them up for longer' is going to help.

  • Usman Khan wasn't 'let out early'. He was released from custody at the time expected when his sentence was set and continued to serve his sentence outside with various restrictions.


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