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  • Back at this, I want to make a decision, so that I can buy the tubeset (FOMO because end of the year is approaching). Let me make my question more pragmatic.

    Let's say I want to have a TT of 520 c-c on a bike with classic geometry (horizontal top tube), is it enough to have a raw TT from the Cento tubeset of 530 to start with? or is 560 preferred? What would you do at my place?

  • What would you do at my place?

    Not be looking at using a £500+ tubeset*.

    The document posted by @PhilDAS seems to suggest 30mm of full thickness should be left intact. If we assume Cento is the same then the minimum I'd want between the deepest parts of the mitres (ie the outsides of the abutting tubes) on the 560mm tube would be 520mm so this tube would not be suitable for a 520mm c2c toptube frame.

    I do note that the wall thicknesses on the Cento tubes are a bit lighter than on the Life ones so I'd actually want to err on the side of caution and leave a bit more than 30mm of full thickness.

    *I know you said to abstain from this kind of comment but it does sound like you are planning on building with this tubeset yourself and that you have no/very little prior framebuilding experience so I can't help but wonder if you understand that tubes with this kind of wall thickness are not going to be easy to work with? Are you planning on buying a Cento tubeset and holding onto it to build with once you have more experience?


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