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  • I have a weird little Moser single speed conversion out here in Berlin. It had a derailleur hanger, and the wheel is only made SS with spacers (ie. would take different cogs). I don’t know the BCD of the chainring, but it’s tiny. If I wanted to gear the bike up, what would be the least I would need to do? Thanks.

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  • Minimum work = buy a smaller sprocket. If you want to change the chainring, measure the distance between the bolts and check Sheldon's cheat sheet here. If you find out that it is 110mm, I've got a 1/8" 44T chainring on sale, but you'd need a proper 1/8" chain.

    Also you may as well get your side return done at the same time as the loft, your house is going to be uninhabitable anyway.

    EDIT: apologies, by "gear up" do yo mean "get a higher ratio" or "add gears"?


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