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  • I’ve just got a new DJ mixer - Allen & Heath Xone32 - on which the master out is TRS jack, rather than phono, as my last mixer was.

    There is a phono record-out, but using that alone to my amp means the LED master-out levels do not illuminate, which I use to make sure the two channels are equal. I also want the record-out to run into my PC.

    Anyway, is this a simple case of buying a TRS to phono lead and running into my amp? If so, any reccos out of the many on Amazon?

  • You should be ok with a mono unbalanced trs to phono, it's possible that the trs output will be louder than the phono output, depending on what sort of protocol they're using. I like van Damme cables with Neutrix connectors just because I've not had any fail and I've never heard any odd limitation of the signal using these. I do have tons of other types some of which have failed (Chinese amazon type I'm looking at you). They might seem expensive, it depends on the length (ooh err).


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