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  • Travelling to LA with work first week of January, have meetings on the Monday and Tuesday, but taking time off from Wednesday to Saturday and booked an airbnb beside Venice beach.

    Having never been to the west coast, I'm overwhelmed by the size of LA on a map, and keen to get recommendations from real life internet people on places to go and things to do in the area.

    So, 96 hours in LA, what do you do?

  • So I went recently - my questions a few pages back - but what I some of what I actually did and would recommend on short trip. Some overlap with what others have said.

    • Bike hire - didn't get round to it in LA, did it elsewhere. Have previously hired a basic hybrid in Venice and just cruised N and S on beach paths. You can go a couple of miles North, maybe nip to Santa Monica pier (Santa Monica is dull though IMHO), and a long way South, but it gets a bit sparse.
      There are also various dockless City bikes and e-scooters but not sure of exact locations.

    • Petersen Car Museum - think the SciFi cars exhibition is still on. Did the 'vault tour' - expensive but excellent. Also Los Angeles County Museum of Art, La Brea Tar Pits very close. Didn't actually go in Tar Pits museum, it is free to see actual tar coming out the ground

    • Golden Saddle is worth a trip. Sort of museum of memorabilia as well as bike shop. Good for souvenir cap/tshirt etc.

    • I went to Dodgers game but wrong season now. Maybe consider Lakers game?

    • Consider walking up to Griffith Observatory for epic views, Terminator/La La Land etc etc location. Then down to Los Feliz - interesting area, bars, restaurants etc

    • Don't go to Hollywood.


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