• I am selling my old Rourke 653 frame. It’s not been used in a couple of years but with some TLC someone can enjoy it as much as I did!

    Listing this as a project bike for two reasons:

    • The bottom bracket needs re-tapped as the non-drive side was cross-threaded after a service (pictured)… A local bike shop should be able to sort this. If you wanted to replace it, I’ve spoken to Winston at Varohna Frameworks (https://www.varonha.co.uk/) who’s said that he can replace the BB. I can vouch for his work as he replaced a toptube on another Rourke of mine and the finished result is honestly flawless.
    • It needs some parts of the groupset (brake callipers, new chain and potentially new bb + cups). Also needs new headset bearings which I can supply.

    I’m selling with:

    • Campagnolo Athena crankset
    • Campagnolo Athena front + rear derailleurs
    • Campagnolo Athena carbon shifters
    • H+Sons TB14 rims on Ambrosio hubs (bought from Kinoko).

    Looking for £250 £175 as I need the space and would rather someone that has the resources can get this thing rolling again.

    Collection from SE15.

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