• Looking for size large - I'm 185cm.
    Intecs look a bit heavy for my purpose I think, I'd like a 'sporty' ish ride.
    What size tyres can you fit in a wolverine?

  • The Intec M1 I have is very heavy.. It's built as a no-nonsense touring frame.
    Rides very good mind, but not excactly sporty.
    Also has a 71 degree head angle, so I'd be difficult to go really low trail.

    I also have a Pelago Stavanger, that I built up from a frameset with the 63mm rake fork, that gives you 44 mm trail.

    The Pelago would fit a 2" 650b tyre as well.

    Picture is not my stavanger - it belongs to @mankkis

    And another 650b Stavanger by @tnts