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  • Most flat mount brakes have smaller, different pads to the post mount version.

    So you would need two sets of spares.. maybe that’s not awkward to anyone else.

    In our house all bikes are aligned, road bikes are hope hubs, Shimano 11 speed with the same bbs and headsets etc.

    We have a tandem and touring bike, identical wheels brakes and drivechain. - also partly due to when the tandem is outgrown I have a spare surly frameset to build onto.

    Love the klampers but why not go hydraulic for that money?

  • why not hydraulic?

    All those fluids, the rebleeding and stuff, it makes me squeamish :D

    Maybe you'r right, it's irrational, but I really love that amazing mechanical craft of the Paul's Klampers.

  • Nah, you have been sold a myth.

    Hydro brakes rarely need rebleeding and unless you are unlucky you rarely need any interaction with the fluid.

    — also, I have done a TBA course, all of these questions may be better aimed at them as they are your guides and tutors to what is feasible in that week


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