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  • Does anyone have experience with the 45mm PDW guards and long drop calipers?

    I just put 32c's on my roller and my current PDWs are rubbing - but they are also already bent to allow for the calipers closing fully. Wondering if bigger guards would even fit??

    Or anyone tried the Kinesis Fend Off? These look really nice and half the price of PDW..

  • I've managed this on a steamroller though not with the stock fork. 45mm sks guards and 32mm (poss 35 actually) gravelkings. It was a thorn audax fork. I think

  • Hmm, thanks for the intel - sort of need to know based on stock fork.

    I suppose something like the Paul Racer brake might be necessary to get that extra clearance around calliper. Damn wish I just had disc brakes!


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