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  • I am gathering ideas for my first frame build, which is going to be beginning of next year at the Bicycle Academy. I want to go there with a clear vision in mind and all the choice of components already sorted out.

    The idea is to build a gravel bike with a Columbus steel tubeset and disc brakes. The first two question that come to my mind are:

    1. are there specific tubeset for disc brakes, or they are all the same for rim and disc?
    2. I see the Columbus Futura Gravel fork takes flat mount brakes. What about the rear brakes, can I put a flat mount on custom steel tubes? or do I need post mount?


  • You can get Columbus chainstays which are specifically shaped for brazing on flat mount caliper mounts - SLF114OV450SX, SLF114OV450DX for the driveside.

    Alternatively, Paragon make dropouts with flat mount bits you can braze onto the NDS chainstay (DR2071 in steel for QR rear end - Ceeway sell them). Or you could use Paragon Polydrops with a flat mount insert.

    Or you can make it standard and then braze some flat mount caliper mounts directly onto and into the chainstay. It's a lot of work but I think it looks best. This was my recent effort:

  • That looks gorgeous, congratulations!
    I don't think it's something I can achieve in my first build though.
    I can't find the chainstay you recommend on the Columbus website here:­tm
    Where did you read that they are shaped for brazing on flat mount caliper?

    Following up on @PhilDAS's recommendation as well, I am guessing a dropout with brake mount is the easiest way to go. In that case, should I still look at flat mounts? Would it be weird to have flat mount brakes on the front fork and post mount on the rear dropouts?

  • Hi. Planning a build myself and was looking at this flat mount solution. Can I ask what spec chain stays you went with for this? There seem to be some disc specific ones from Columbus that we double butted with a thicker wall at the tail for the disc loads, but they’re pretty chunky things. All the other tubes I’ve seen are single butted. Is that OK? Prefer the aesthetics of the slender tubes. Thanks.


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