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  • Being made to look a complete noob by locked entrance doors on OPEN shops. You know the sort of thing; double doors that could pull or push so four ways to open of which only one way works and you try three unsuccessfully before gritting your teeth and getting it right.
    Even worse was what happened today. Large hardware shop on corner of main road, three visible sets of double doors, all locked, entrance round the back no sign to that effect, walk round the side, find dead end, walk round the front and the other side, walk round the back to entrance (all done in pouring rain), enter shop full of customers and staff rolling on floor laughing (ok, last bit was a lie).

  • I feel your pain on this. There's a Pret i use a few times a week, big double glass doors - no signage for push / pull, and only one of the doors opens (pushes) I think they deliberately change which door is operation at any given time, just for the limited amusement of those inside.

  • Spot on. Been happening for decades to me. Funny how it wasn't in The Meaning Of Liff. Somewhere I have a load of examples of other un-named happenings that me and a friend compiled after reading that classic.


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